Did This Really Just Happen?

Banned from AdSense...

One day I went to log in and found that I couldn't access my AdSense account...  "That's strange, I wonder what's happening?"  Then I looked at my email only to find the dreaded notice that my account had been disabled, and that I had been 'Banned from having a Google AdSense Account'! 

I knew websites could be banned. You can even check to see if a specific website has been banned at sites like BannedCheck.com.  But to be personally banned for having an AdSense account... for life?? The worst part was that I had absolutely no idea why (and Google did not have any interest in telling me either).   I had no other choice but to deal with it!

Sound familiar?   Although I felt bad for others in my situation, it was also comforting to hear that I was not the only one who had also been banned from AdSense.  So after a day of completely freaking out, I decided that I had to do something about it.  A month later I thankfully ran into some awesome luck by being turned on to a little known secret that Gootle doesn't like people to know.... 

    You can get your AdSense Account Back in Your Name, without having to be sneeky, or hide... 

{ Get Your AdSense Account Back! }

What Now?

What Now?
Real, Not Fake:  I'll bet you have run across other sites promising you that they can get your account back, or that they will sell you an account (from who knows where!), or something funky like that.  I know, because I had looked at (and purchased) just about everything related to getting my account back, that is out there.  I needed a real account, in my name, with my bank account, just like I had.

A lot of programs also talk about trying to trick Google in various ways.  Trying to trick Google never ends up working!  AdSense will always catch up with you with these type methods every time!  I needed a real AdSense account!   I did not want to run the risk of faking or hiding!

My twist of fate!   There I was, feeling dumped, when I had a chance meeting with an actual Google insider. This guy was the real deal!  I met him at an airport while waiting for a flight.  Approved! I told him my AdSense story, and he then proceeded to tell me everything I ever would want to know about the secret inner workings of AdSense, along with Google's AdSense Loophole! The bonus was that he also explained to me how I could have a second chance with my AdSense business, and more importantly, how I could get a new account, in my name just as I had before!    I was completely blown away!

The very first chance I had, I worked the plan that my new friend outlined for me, and guess what....   I was approved within one day of applying!!    What a relief.   It was amazing... I felt so happy. The money started rolling in that very day!!   That also was the moment that I knew that there were other's like me, that I could help too. This was the birth of   'Back In The Game!'

Back In The Game! It's time to get back to making money with AdSense!  Put the bad experience of being banned from AdSense behind you, and get the feelings of relief (and what a great feeling it is to get the 'Approved' email!).

Get Your Second Chance -  This is a guaranteed step-by-step guide, that will walk you through a simple process, that will end with you owning your own AdSense account that is in Your Name, with your bank account.  

        Want Proof?   See what others have to say....

{ Get Your AdSense Account Back! }


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{ Get Your AdSense Account Back! }

Take Action!

Why Wait?

Take advantage of Google's loophole and claim your second chance with a clean, legitimate AdSense Account.  One that is in Your Name, with Your Information.  For less than the cost of a dinner, you can be on your way to earning money (again) with AdSense.  Simply stated, we follow Google's rules, the process works, and it works really well!!

We are so confident you will be quickly approved after following the step-by-step methods outlined in 'Back In The Game', that we are backing our claim by offering a 100%,  No hassle, No questions asked, No time limit, Full Refund Guarantee!  

If for ANY REASON you are not completely satisfied AdBack.net refund with either the results, or the method, keep the materials and send us an email, (you don't even need a reason). We will promptly refund your money.   No Questions Asked!

        This is our Promise, and our Commitment, to Your Results!

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{ Get Your AdSense Account Back! }

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